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Fire Prevention’s mission is to provide fire prevention and life safety services through code enforcement and inspections through general fire safety inspections and complaint investigation.

Fire Prevention is the key to saving lives and property. Fire Prevention education is the first step in the Fire Department's commitment to protecting the lives and property of our citizens, guests and neighboring communities. Fire Prevention is the true "first responder". The Highland Township Fire Prevention Division is committed to providing you the most comprehensive information and assistance possible.

The goal of the Charter Township of Highland Fire Prevention Inspection Program, is for all businesses, operations, occupancies and events in Highland Township be safe, successful and in accordance with the Fire Code.  

Fire Prevention - Fire Code Amendments

The Charter Township of Highland adoption of the International Fire Code - 2009 (IFC) as its - local fire prevention ordinance authorizes and requires the Fire Department to inspect all commercial properties subject to fire regulations.  A fire prevention inspection program has been development to meet this requirement. 
The scope of these inspections is identifying obvious fire hazards (i.e.  electrical cords, combustible storage, blocked exits and hazardous conditions).  Violations are written by the Fire Inspector and require a re-inspection to ensure compliance with the code requirements. Non-compliance of requirements are subject to citation and legal action.

The Fire Marshal maintains an International Fire Code Certification and He and all inspectors take continuing education code related classes to maintain his certification and skill level.

Annual Life Safety System and Equipment Inspections.

System or equipment deficiencies are not only required to be corrected by the fire code but in some cases systems, that are not maintained to code and fall into disrepair, can fail and cause extensive building damage and loss revenue. Below is a list of the most common type systems and their required inspection cycle.   This is not a complete list only a reference.

These systems shall be inspected on an ANNUAL basis:

Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Pumps, Clean Agent Systems, Emergency Generators

These systems shall be inspected every SIX (6) months:

Kitchen Hood Suppression System


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